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Cholesterol & calories don't count on your birthday,
holidays and vacations!!
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I consider myself like most of America. I work at a job that pays the
mortgage and other bills and present my professional "face" from 9
to 5, Monday through Friday. Once the weekend rolls around, the
alter ego emerges. That guy who loves to cook, eat, drink and be
merry with good friends.
However because life can't be pure gluttony and excess, moderation,
wise food choices and prudent imbibing is the key. Therefore I've
devoted the column to:
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The Gochiso
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Healthy dining can mean so much more than plain granola and
non-fat yogurt. It also means appropriate food choices, proper use
of the "right" fats, proteins and carbohydrates and judicious use of
the "wrong" foodstuffs.
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